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Make a Little birdhouse in your soul


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Make a Little Birdhouse in your Soul’ A contemporary collectors piece, a design that is a culmination of many years work and ideas coming together. A small ornate, sculptural piece, with the words ‘Make a little birdhouse in your soul’ written on the front. Open the birdhouse to discover the bronze key within, modeled on a vintage clock key, a highly symbolic image that can mean many things to different people. The interior of the birdhouse is patinated to make it black inside. To open the birdhouse, push down hard on the front at the top of the roof, it is a tight fit. to release it, on the inside of the door is a little butterfly resting. It comes in a customised black and silver box with our logo. Solid sterling silver, full British hallmarks with makers mark, a symbolic heart shaped biwa pearl hanging below. Length of birdhouse: 3cm Weight: 16.6 grams Length of chain: 61 cm or 24 inches, choose either a heart or a star pearl.

Striking, quirky pieces of little objects and scenes, in sterling hallmarked silver with accents of gold and unusual details for someone that wants something different.

The pieces come in black buttoned boxes with Xa logo. All designed and made in our UK workshops.


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